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New species of dinosaur with extremely large nose discovered

اكتشاف نوع جديد من الديناصورات بأنف كبير


Scientists have discovered a new species of dinosaur with an extremely large nose called ‘hell heron.’

The unique dinosaur with a ”bulbuous” nasal bone has been identified by a retired researcher called Jeremy Lockwood.

The Natural History Museum in London had several collections of bones from the Isle of Wight, southern England. It is one of Europe’s richest locales for dinosaur remains.

While cataloguing every iguanodon bone, Lockwood noticed the dinosaur was different from the plant-eating Iguanodon bernissartensis and Mantellisaurus atherfieldensis.

He said, ”I was convinced that subtle differences between bones would reveal a new species, so I set out to measure, photograph and study the anatomy of each bone.”

While reconstructing the skeleton of the dinosaur, Lockwood noticed that it had 28 teeth while Mantellisaurus has 23 teeth.

The study, published in the Journal of Systematic Paleontology, discusses in the herbivorous dinosaur in detail. It is about eight metres in length and weighs 900 kg. 

”This discovery made it one of the happiest days of lockdown,” said Lockwood.

The skeleton was found associated with one of the United Kingdom’s most complete theropods.

Lockwood said ”It seems so unlikely to just have two animals being exactly the same for millions of years without change.”

Fossils found on a rocky beach show there was double trouble on England’s Isle of Wight about 127 million years ago, with a pair of large previously unknown dinosaur predators living perhaps side by side, both adapted to hunting along the water’s edge.

The largest land animals in Earth’s history were the sauropod successors of sauropodomorphs, as exemplified by a later denizen of Patagonia called Argentinosaurus that reached perhaps 118 feet (36 meters) in length and upwards of 70 tons.

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لندن: اكتشف طبيبٌ متقاعدٌ نوعًا جديدًا من الديناصورات له أنف كبير بشكل غير عادي، وذلك بعد أن قضى الممارس العام فترة الإغلاق المرتبطة بفيروس كورونا في التنقيب في صناديق تضم المئات من العظام القديمة. وذكرت وكالة الأنباء البريطانيّة بي إيه ميديا أن جيريمي لوكوود، الذي يدرس للحصول على الدكتوراه في جامعة بورتسموث، يأخذ على عاتقه مهمة تصنيف كل قطعة عظم من عظام ديناصور الإجواندون المُكتشفة في جزيرة وايت الصغيرة. وعندما فرز الطبيب المُتقاعد «64‏ عامًا»‏، من إنجلترا، العظام التي كانت بين مقتنيات متحف التاريخ الطبيعي في لندن ومتحف جزيرة الديناصورات، اكتشف عظم الأنف «المنتفخ» الفريد.

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