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Corniche Road to be closed and allocated for the Eid festival from 3 to 5 May

إغلاق طريق الكورنيش وتخصيصه لمهرجان العيد من 3 إلى 5 مايو


Doha: In celebration of Eid al Fitr this year, Qatar Tourism (QT) will host the Eid Festival along the Doha Corniche from Tuesday, May 3 to Thursday, May 5 between 4-11pm each day.

In addition to the regions first-ever giant balloon parade with a marching band, festival goers are sure to find something for every member of the family – from stage performances and roaming artists to carnival games and food trucks and kiosks followed by fireworks displays that will light up the Doha sky every day at 9pm. The event is coordinated with the Ministry of Interior and Ashghal to manage logistical routes at the location.

Over the course of the festival, the Doha Corniche will be pedestrianized to allow residents and visitors to experience one of the capital citys most-loved thoroughfares in a new and exciting way. QT is working with its partners at the Ministry of Interior and Ashghal to deliver safe proceedings throughout the Eid Al-Fitr festivities taking place along a 1.4 km stretch of the Doha Corniche. Moreover, during the three-day festival, there will be live musical performances daily at 19:30 featuring renowned local and regional artists.

The Ministry of Interior (MoI) announced that Doha Corniche Street will be temporary closed from 3 to 5 May, specifically from Tuesday early morning to Thursday midnight. The reopening of traffic will resume on the morning of May 6th in coordination with MoIs General Directorate of Traffic and the Ministry of Transport.

As per this announcement, traffic closure will go into effect starting 3 May from the Sharq intersection towards the Sheraton intersection in the north and from the Sheraton intersection to the Port intersection in the south, and all roads leading to corniche will be closed, including the following intersections: (Al-Fardan, Al-Jasra, Al-Marmar, Al-Diwan, Al-Maha, Civil Defense and Barzan).

In order to facilitate movement of individuals to corniche, alternative means of transportation will be available. There are 37 metro stations in Qatar, including 7 that directly lead to Corniche such as (Al-Bidda, Doha Corniche, and West Bay), in addition the second ring road and the third ring bus service on the Corniche. There will also be areas designated for pedestrians, and 7 new facilities for “Park and Ride” available near the metro stations such as the Education City, Al-Qassar, and Al-Wakra.

The Ministry of Interior encourages the public to cooperate with traffic police and abide by traffic diversions to ensure the safety and security to all those using the Corniche Road. It also advises the use of alternative roads designated for vehicles, namely the A-Ring Road and Istiqlal Road.

From his end, the Secretary of the Committee for Corniche Street closure implementation plan and Design Engineer, Engineer Mohamed Ali Al Marri, said: “Ashghal, in coordination with MOI is planning, designing, and implementing the Corniche closure plan, in addition to carrying out some infrastructure works to enhance traffic flow during the closure period”.

Al Marri added, “The Supervisory Committee of beautification of Roads & Public Places is working on beautifying and upgrading Al Corniche Street to provide upgraded pedestrian paths, new cycle lanes, new street lighting and increase the landscaped areas. There are also additional pedestrian crossings along Corniche Street and Al Bidda Street.

During the closure, Ashghal will provide 17 new bus stops for the Corniche Shuttle Bus Routes which will have 25 bus stops, along with about 55 Variable message signs and fixed directional signs across the road network to lead drivers to the alternative routes. Also, over 200 wayfinding signs will be provided to guide visitors along the Corniche.” This is in addition to developing several intersections and reprogramming the traffic signals timings to ease traffic flow.

Furthermore, 40 traffic signal intersections will be upgraded to operate with pedestrian detection system to improve pedestrian safety.


الدوحة: تنظم قطر للسياحة في الفترة من 3 إلى 5 مايو المقبل على امتداد كورنيش الدوحة فعاليات مهرجان العيد في إطار احتفالها بعيد الفطر المبارك للعام الجاري.

ويقدم المهرجان الذي تدور فعالياته ما بين الساعة الرابعة والحادية عشرة من مساء كل يوم موكب البالونات الضخمة الأول من نوعه في المنطقة، وباقة متنوعة من الفعاليات والعروض الترفيهية مثل عربات وأكشاك الطعام وعروض الألعاب النارية التي سوف تتلألأ معها سماء الدوحة في تمام الساعة 9 من مساء كل يوم من أيام المهرجان.

وسوف يتم تخصيص كورنيش الدوحة على مدار أيام المهرجان للمشاة فقط على امتداد 1.4 كيلومتر من طريق كورنيش الدوحة، حيث تعمل قطر للسياحة بالتعاون مع شركائها في كل من وزارة الداخلية وأشغال لتقديم احتفالات آمنة طوال أيام المهرجان.

ولتسهيل حركة الجمهور للوصول إلى الكورنيش، سوف يتم توفير وسائل نقل بديلة عوضاً عن استخدام المركبات، حيث توجد37 محطة مترو منتشرة في أنحاء الدولة، منها 7 محطات تخدم الكورنيش بشكل مباشر من بينها: البدع والكورنيش والخليج الغربي وتوفير خدمة حافلات الكورنيش والدائري الثاني والثالث التي تصل إلى الكورنيش، بالإضافة إلى المناطق المخصصة للمشاة على الطريق فضلاً عن تخصيص 7 مواقع كبيرة “اركن وتنقل” لوقوف المركبات واستخدام المترو من ضمنها: المدينة التعليمية والقصار والوكرة.

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