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Snoonu Launches the 5th Edition of its Annual Summer Internship Program

Doha, Qatar – Snoonu, the leading Qatari tech startup, is proud to announce the launch of the 5th edition of its highly anticipated summer internship program. As the only and largest internship program in Qatar, Snoonu continues to offer unparalleled opportunities for students to gain hands-on experience in the Tech industry, including software development, data analytics, product design, marketing, and more.

Snoonu Launches the 5th Edition of its Annual Summer Internship Program

Aligned with Qatar’s 2030 vision to diversify its economy and transfer knowledge to the younger generation, Snoonu’s internship program aims to provide students with the opportunity to work directly alongside industry-leading technology professionals in real-world settings. The program is designed to expose interns to cutting-edge technology and exciting projects, offering mentorship and training from top industry experts.

Snoonu Launches the 5th Edition of its Annual Summer Internship Program

This year’s program has welcomed 26 talented interns from esteemed universities, including Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar, Northwestern University in Qatar, Georgetown University in Qatar, Qatar University, University of Doha for Science and Technology, LUMS University, The University of British Columbia, Loughborough University, Texas A&M University in Qatar, and EBS Universität.

Snoonu Launches the 5th Edition of its Annual Summer Internship Program

The program is open to undergraduate and postgraduate students and recent graduates who have a strong passion for technology and a keen interest in learning new skills.

Insights from the Fifth Batch of Interns:

Fatima Al Jassim, Tech Team Intern, Qatar University, BSE Computer Engineering:

“I chose to apply for Snoonu’s internship program because it offers a perfect opportunity to work with innovative technology and contribute to a dynamic company,” she said. Inspired by CEO Hamad Al Hajri’s leadership and vision, Fatima is eager to gain hands-on experience in automation, database management, and app development. “I am excited to make a meaningful impact while growing professionally,” she added.

Hashim Ataalla, Product Intern, Texas A&M University, Mechanical Engineering Graduate:

“I chose to apply for Snoonu’s internship program for several compelling reasons, both personal and professional. As a mechanical engineering graduate from Texas A&M Qatar, I have a strong technical background enriched through hands-on experience in product management and marketing during my previous internship at Jeeb Groceries,” he shared. Hashim emphasized that his experience at a smaller startup allowed him to contribute to the entire product development lifecycle. “The decision to apply for an internship at Snoonu is driven by my desire to take the next step in my career within a more dynamic and expansive environment,” he explained. He is particularly excited about contributing to Snoonu’s vision and growth. “Through this internship program at Snoonu, I am hoping to immerse myself in an environment that fosters creativity and encourages disruptive innovation in the industry,” Hashim added.

Snoonu Launches the 5th Edition of its Annual Summer Internship Program

Success Stories from Past Interns:

Andrew Edward, who joined Snoonu as an intern in June 2021, recalled, “Mr. Hamad himself reached out to me on LinkedIn with the message, ‘Send me your CV if you are interested in a new challenge!'” He started as a User Research Intern under the Digital Marketing team. “Working with an experienced manager in an ultra-growing start-up was a thrilling opportunity that Snoonu gave me,” Andrew said. He helped build the analytics funnel from A to Z, creating opportunities to understand user behaviour for the team. This role eventually transitioned into product management and marketing. Now, as a Product Marketing Manager, Andrew leads his own team, helping more features reach users’ hands every single day. “It’s satisfying to see the value Snoonu provides not just to our users but to all of Qatar’s economy,” he remarked. Reflecting on his decision to intern at Snoonu, Andrew shared, “I saw a great opportunity at a Qatari start-up that has so much potential. Three years later, it was one of the best decisions I ever took.”

Zaryab Zulfiqar Ali, now an Engineering Manager, joined Snoonu in April 2020 when other internship opportunities were cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. He was drawn to Snoonu by Mr. Hamad’s welcoming approach on LinkedIn. “Mr. Hamad saw a post I made on LinkedIn and commented that ‘Snoonu is ready to create a place for you’,” Zaryab recalled. His journey at Snoonu involved developing the logistics system FalconFlex, which is now fundamental to the company’s delivery operations. “My role evolved from focusing on specific technical tasks to leading a diverse team of engineers,” Zaryab explained. He now oversees development, strategizes on solving business problems, and continues to enhance core systems to improve efficiency and service quality. Reflecting on his decision to intern at Snoonu, Zaryab said, “It has allowed me to grow immensely in both skills and responsibilities.”

Statement from Hazar Alkilani, PR and CSR Manager:

“We are thrilled to welcome our fifth cohort of interns. Each year, we see incredible talent and passion, and this year is no exception. Our program is designed to provide a platform for young minds to innovate and grow, aligning with Qatar’s 2030 vision. We are proud of the success stories from our past interns who have grown into key roles within our company. We look forward to seeing what this year’s group will achieve,” said Hazar Alkilani, PR and CSR Manager at Snoonu.

Snoonu Launches the 5th Edition of its Annual Summer Internship Program

About Snoonu

Snoonu is an award-winning Qatari tech startup at the forefront of the digital economy, offering a versatile platform that seamlessly integrates on-demand delivery, e-commerce, and third-party logistics services. Founded in 2019 by Hamad Alhajri, the company was born from a vision to revolutionize the delivery landscape in Qatar, enhancing the online visibility of local businesses while providing customers with unparalleled convenience.

The company has evolved into a multimillion-dollar enterprise, on track to become Qatar’s inaugural Unicorn. Its international footprint includes offices in Kazakhstan and Pakistan, illustrating its rapid growth and strategic expansion.

Snoonu’s broad service spectrum covers food, grocery, retail product deliveries, and bespoke third-party logistics solutions, catering to a diverse clientele.

Snoonu’s journey from seed funding to Series B illustrates a trajectory of sustained growth and investor confidence, culminating in the largest Series A funding for a Qatari startup and marking it as the first in Qatar to secure Series B funding.

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