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From Initiative to Law: Snoonu re-launches ‘No Riders Under the Sun’

Snoonu, Qatar’s leading tech startup, is proud to announce the relaunch of its renown “No Riders Under the Sun” campaign for the fourth consecutive year. This campaign, first introduced in 2021, has been a catalyst for significant change, culminating in a landmark law passed by the Ministry of Labour in 2022, which protects all delivery drivers in Qatar.

The “No Riders Under the Sun” campaign initially aims to safeguard delivery drivers from the harsh summer temperatures by halting motorbike deliveries from 9:30 AM to 4:00 PM daily, and replacing them with a car fleet instead.

This initiative, driven by Snoonu’s unwavering commitment to employee welfare, has been so impactful that it inspired legislative action. In 2022, the Ministry of Labour officially mandated the protective measure, ensuring that all delivery drivers across Qatar benefit from this essential protection.

Research indicates that prolonged exposure to extreme heat can lead to serious health issues, including heat exhaustion, heatstroke, and dehydration.

These conditions are particularly hazardous for motorbike delivery drivers, who are constantly exposed to the elements. By implementing the “No Riders Under the Sun” campaign, Snoonu has taken proactive steps to mitigate these risks, demonstrating a profound commitment to the health and safety of its Riders.

This initiative has earned Snoonu the ‘Best CSR Initiative in the Tech Sector’ award at the 2024 Qatar CSR Awards Ceremony, held on the sidelines of the Qatar CSR Summit in May.

“Our ‘No Riders Under the Sun’ campaign is more than just a policy; it is a testament to Snoonu’s deep-seated commitment to the health and safety of our drivers. We are immensely proud that our initiative not only enhanced driver safety but also instigated critical legislative change,” said Hazar Alkilani, PR and CSR Manager at Snoonu.

The inspiration behind this initiative comes from Snoonu’s Founder and CEO, Hamad Mubarak Alhajri. Reflecting on his experience as a tech assistant working offshore 25 years ago, Hamad witnessed firsthand the challenges of working in extreme heat. His personal journey and dedication to improving working conditions have been the driving force behind the campaign’s inception and its continued success.

The tech company is also establishing cooling stations across various locations in Doha. These cooling stations are strategically placed to provide delivery drivers with a place to rest and cool down during their shifts, especially during the hottest parts of the day. Equipped with air conditioning, hydration facilities, and comfortable seating, these stations offer a much-needed respite for drivers, ensuring they remain healthy and hydrated while on the job.

Snoonu is a revolutionary all-in-one app, the first in the Middle East, integrating 11 essential services into a single platform. It offers unmatched convenience by combining food delivery, grocery shopping, pharmacy needs, and more, all accessible with just a few taps. The app streamlines everyday tasks, meeting the rising demands for efficiency and integrated e-commerce solutions.

About Snoonu

Snoonu is an award-winning Qatari tech startup at the forefront of the digital economy, offering a versatile platform that seamlessly integrates on-demand delivery, e-commerce, and third-party logistics services. Founded in 2019 by Hamad Alhajri, the company was born from a vision to revolutionize the delivery landscape in Qatar, enhancing the online visibility of local businesses while providing customers with unparalleled convenience.

The company has evolved into a multimillion-dollar enterprise, on track to become Qatar’s inaugural Unicorn. Its international footprint includes offices in Kazakhstan and Pakistan, illustrating its rapid growth and strategic expansion. Snoonu’s broad service spectrum covers food, grocery, retail product deliveries, and bespoke third-party logistics solutions, catering to a diverse clientele.

Snoonu’s journey from seed funding to Series B illustrates a trajectory of sustained growth and investor confidence, culminating in the largest Series A funding for a Qatari startup and marking it as the first in Qatar to secure Series B funding.

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