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‘Snoonu Sets New Standard with Launch of First-Ever Book Fair Delivery Service at DIBF’

Snoonu’s collaboration with the Doha International Book Fair is set to transform the way visitors experience the event.

Snoonu has teamed up with the 33rd Doha International Book Fair (DIBF) to offer digital access to the fair’s extensive collection of books for the very first time. Themed “Knowledge Builds Civilizations,” this partnership will transform how visitors experience one of the region’s most significant literary events, held from May 9 to May 18 at the Doha Exhibition and Convention Center.

For the first time in its history, the Doha International Book Fair will be accessible online, enabling book lovers who cannot attend in person to browse and purchase from a diverse range of over 180,000 titles from 515 publishing houses across 42 countries. This digital initiative is facilitated through Snoonu’s Snoosend service, which offers the convenience of having books and other fair items delivered directly to customers’ homes.

‘Snoonu Sets New Standard with Launch of First-Ever Book Fair Delivery Service at DIBF’

Shoppers who are enjoying the fair and its many offerings can also deliver their books and other items directly to their homes without the hassle of carrying heavy bags through Snoosend at a discounted rate.

Hazar Alkilani, PR and CSR Manager at Snoonu, highlights the revolutionary aspect of this service: “Partnering with the Doha International Book Fair to digitize one of Doha’s favourite annual events is a great milestone. We are passionate about making knowledge more accessible and believe that through this service, we can extend the reach of the book fair far beyond its physical boundaries. Our service ensures that everyone, regardless of their ability to visit the fair in person, can enjoy the wealth of knowledge and culture it has to offer.”

‘Snoonu Sets New Standard with Launch of First-Ever Book Fair Delivery Service at DIBF’

This innovative approach not only caters to those with time constraints or mobility issues but also supports the fair’s exhibitors by broadening their audience to include online shoppers. It’s a win-win for both buyers and sellers, promoting a new dimension of cultural exchange and literary celebration.

With Oman as the guest of honor, this year’s fair also includes a special pavilion that showcases the rich Omani heritage and intellectual contributions. Snoonu’s logistical support for customers and publishing houses alike ensures a seamless shopping experience, merging traditional book fair charm with modern technological convenience.

This partnership marks a significant shift in how cultural and literary events are approached, ensuring that the fair remains a vital part of the region’s cultural landscape in an increasingly digital world.

‘Snoonu Sets New Standard with Launch of First-Ever Book Fair Delivery Service at DIBF’

About Snoonu

Snoonu is an award-winning Qatari tech startup at the forefront of the digital economy, offering a versatile platform that seamlessly integrates on-demand delivery, e-commerce, and third-party logistics services. Founded in 2019 by Hamad Alhajri, the company was born from a vision to revolutionize the delivery landscape in Qatar, enhancing the online visibility of local businesses while providing customers with unparalleled convenience.

The company has evolved into a multimillion-dollar enterprise, on track to become Qatar’s inaugural Unicorn. Its international footprint includes offices in Kazakhstan and Pakistan, illustrating its rapid growth and strategic expansion.

Snoonu’s broad service spectrum covers food, grocery, retail product deliveries, and bespoke third-party logistics solutions, catering to a diverse clientele.

Snoonu’s journey from seed funding to Series B illustrates a trajectory of sustained growth and investor confidence, culminating in the largest Series A funding for a Qatari startup and marking it as the first in Qatar to secure Series B funding.

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