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Doha Academy: Nurturing Futures, Providing Children an Education for Life!

Doha Academy is a group of nationally and internationally accredited independent, co-educational schools situated in Doha, Qatar. It warmly welcomes all Kindergarten (aged 3) to Year 13 (aged 18) students and offers a blended curriculum comprised of the “National Curriculum in England”, Cambridge and Pearson/Edexcel international curriculum, and Qatar’s National Curriculum. The school very successfully prepares students for UK-assessed International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) examinations in Year 11 and Advanced Level examinations in Year 12 and 13.

Doha Academy was founded by Dr. Sheikha Aisha Aisha Bint Faleh Al Thani in September 2000. It currently comprises three schools – Doha Academy Al Waab, Doha Academy Salwa, and Doha International Kindergarten (DIKg) – educating over 2200 students representing on average 55 nationalities. In addition to an emphasis upon literacy and numeracy development, Doha Academy aims to develop the ‘whole child’, believing that children thrive best when given a broad base of learning opportunities.

Doha Academy: Nurturing Futures, Providing Children an Education for Life!

As per its Vision, Doha Academy promotes accessibility and inclusion through differentiated practice and provision. Embedded in all of its practices is the promotion of Islamic teachings and principles. Male and female students are taught in separate classrooms from Year 6 upwards.

The group is part of Al Faleh Educational Holding Q.P.S.C., which is committed to nurturing young people to become citizens who are socially responsible and who have a strong sense of Qatar national identity. Al Faleh Educational Holding also includes “AFG College with the University of Aberdeen”, which combined with Doha Academy enables an outstanding KG to Master’s degree-level education.

Doha Academy: Nurturing Futures, Providing Children an Education for Life!

Doha Academy Al Waab and Doha Academy Salwa gained full international accreditation in November 2022 from the New England Association of Schools & Colleges (NEASC) organisation, having already been awarded Qatar National Schools Accreditation (QNSA) in March and April 2022 respectively. In addition to meeting NEASC’s five exacting “Foundation Standards” covering Learning & Teaching, Leadership & Governance, Human Resources, Finance & Facilities, and Health & Safety, the schools were also placed on NEASC’s highest accreditation pathway “ACE Learning”. The ACE Learning framework is recommended to schools demonstrating the highest capability, capacity, commitment, and conceptual understanding.

DIKg similarly passed its NEASC “Foundation Standards” inspection in November 2023, and has been granted eligibility for full accreditation. Likewise it was also placed on NEASC’s “ACE Learning” accreditation pathway as a mark of its quality. The DIKg has recently been granted 4 years of accreditation by the Qatar National Early Years Evaluation, which is a tremendous achievement.

In late 2023, Doha Academy celebrated eight students who achieved at IGCSE and A Level the highest marks in the world in their June 2023 examinations with UK examination board Pearson / Edexcel. These achievements were noted in Arabic, Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Physics.

Quote from Dr. Sheikha Aisha Aisha Bint Faleh Al Thani (Chairperson and Founder of Al Faleh Educational Holding Q.P.S.C.)

“I’m very proud to have such exceptionally academically talented students in Doha Academy. We strive to provide the best quality education for our students; clearly our students are thriving.”

Quote from Sheikha Anwar Bint Nawaf Al Thani (CEO of Al Faleh Educational Holding Q.P.S.C.)

“Our dedication lies in providing exceptional education, ensuring our students not only thrive academically but also emerge as well-rounded individuals prepared for the challenges of the future.”

Quote from Mr. Edward Cooper (Principal of Doha Academy Schools)

“The Doha Academy group of schools brings together a fantastic community of learners. As a continually reflective school, we daily seek to role model the attributes needed to develop lifelong learners and citizens able to make productive contributions to society.”


To be a global leader in proving an accessible, outstanding, an all-inclusive education that reflects the principles and teachings of Islam.


Doha Academy schools offer boys and girls an education for life. We believe that schools should be happy, purposeful communities where children are encouraged to achieve their best spiritually, morally, socially, intellectually, and physically.

Learning for tomorrow:

We live in a rapidly changing world, where must prepare our students for life in a society where they will work in jobs that do not currently exist, employing technologies that have not yet been invented. Through our blended curriculum at Doha Academy, we place significant emphasis on the development of personal learning and thinking skills that develop our young people into flexible and adaptive thinkers, able to navigate changing circumstances without fear of inhibition, and empowering them to meet the demands of the 21st century.

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