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Procedures to enter Qatar through Abu Samra border during World Cup revealed

إجراءات دخول قطر عبر حدود معبر أبو سمرة خلال المونديال

The Peninsula

Doha: Abu Samra land border crossing is all set to receive the World Cup fans from November 1, 2022, until the end of the tournament, announced the Ministry of Interior, in coordination with the various authorities in the country, tournament security and safety partners, and organizers.

The Ministry of Interior announced the procedures to be followed upon arrival at the Abu Samra border crossing as per the Hayya card category granted.

The Ministry has taken several measures as part of its preparation to receive the public at the Abu Samra border checkpoint. The most prominent of them are:

– Increasing the number of passport counters at the checkpoint to serve visitors to the country, including fans, citizens, residents and others.

– Allocating a comfortable tent ready to receive more than 4,000 people per hour.

– Providing convenient and free transportation from the checkpoint to Al-Messila in central Doha and to the Family and Friends Meet and Greet Area in Al Qalayel, 2 km away from the border. The fans can contact their friends or family members to take them to their accommodation inside the country, or they can move by private taxi from therein.

The measures specified here for the entry of World Cup fans through the land border will start from November 1, 2022, until December 23, 2022. It also reminded that those wishing to enter Qatar must use the passport registered with the Hayya platform.

The entry procedures to be followed at the border checkpoint have been divided into different categories as follows:

First Category: Citizens, residents and GCC nationals who hold a Qatari ID card (cars with Qatari number plates)

Their entry shall be as regular as is the case in normal circumstances, provided that:

The vehicle carrying them shall have a Qatari number plate.

A Hayya card is not compulsory.

Second Category: Fans with an exceptional entry permit

They are the fans who wish to enter with their own vehicles, and their entry is required to have a vehicle entry permit approved through the Hayya platform. To obtain it, the following conditions are required:

A confirmed accommodation approved through the Hayya platform for a minimum of 5 nights (for the driver only).

Submit a vehicle entry permit application through the official Hayya platform. If approved, an email with a link to obtain the vehicle insurance electronically will be sent.

Upon completion of the insurance, the applicant must follow up on the platform within 24 hours to obtain the permit by paying a non-refundable fee of QAR 5,000.

There should be a minimum of three people in the vehicle and shall not exceed a maximum of six people, while all of them should carry a Hayya card.

The vehicle entry permit can be used only once (not for multiple visits).

Do not drive in the restricted areas announced in advance in the press conference on transport regulations in some areas and roads during the tournament.

Third category: One-day fan

Those coming through the Abu Samra land border to attend one or more matches within 24 hours only can enter and exit without a prior hotel reservation in Qatar. However, the following conditions are required for their entry.

Carry a Hayya card (one-day fan category)

Pre-booking of a car parking lot at the border through the Hayya platform before arriving in Qatar.

Parking is free for the first 24 hours from the time of entry.

A service fee of QAR 1,000 will be charged for the second day. If the vehicle has been parked for more than 48 hours from entry, the vehicle will be towed, and another QAR 1,000 towing fee will be charged. (Payment can be made electronically through a link that will be sent to their email registered on the platform).

Ride in Qatari buses from Abu Samra checkpoint to Doha Central Station (Al Messila) or to the Family and Friends Meet and Greet Area at Al Qalayel.

The parking reservation service will be available from 1 November 2022 and can be accessed using the Hayya card.

Fourth category: Arrivals via Buses

For those coming by bus, the following conditions are required for their entry:

All passengers must carry a Hayya Card.

Reach the arrival lounge at the checkpoint to complete the entry procedures into the country.

Take the Qatar buses from the border to Doha Central Station (Al Messila) or to the Family and Friends Meet and Greet Area outside the border at Al Qalayel.

Fifth category: Humanitarian cases

For those who do not hold a Hayya card (through airports only) as per the following:

Apply to obtain the permit through the Ministry of Interior website

Applications will be reviewed and replied to within six hours. The permit will be sent to the applicant via email if the conditions are met.

The permit can be used only once.

It further added that entry for commercial trucks will be allowed through the Abu Samra border crossing between November 15, 2022, to December 22, 2022 from 11 pm to 6 am to ensure smooth entry for football fans.


الدوحة: أعلنت وزارة الداخلية عن إجراءات دخول المشجعين القادمين عبر الحافلات والشاحنات عبر منفذ أبو سمرة اعتباراً من 1 نوفمبر المقبل، كما أعلنت عن إجراءات الحالات الإنسانية .

القادمون عبر الحافلات

وقالت الوزارة – خلال مؤتمر صحفي اليوم الأحد – إن الإجراءات القادمين عبر الحافلات كالتالي .

– أن يحمل جميع الركاب بطاقة هيا

– الوصول إلى صالة الوصول بالمنفذ لإنهاء إجراءات الدخول للدولة

– يتم الوصول إلى منطقة المسيلة بالدوحة أو منطقة الأصدقاء والأهل بالقلايل


سيسمح بدخول الشاحنات التجارية من 15 نوفمبر إلى 22 ديسمبر من 11 مساء حتى 6 صباحا لتمكين الجمهور الرياضي للدخول بكل سهولة ويسر.

الحالات الإنسانية

– لمن لا يحملون بطاقة هيا وهي عبر المنافذ الجوية فقط

– يتم طلب التصريح عبر موقع وزارة الداخلية

– يتم دراسة الطلبات خلال 6 ساعات

– يتم إرسال التصريح عبر البريد الإلكتروني ويتم استخدامه مرة واحدة.

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