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Fuwairit Kite Beach Resort to open in October

افتتاح منتجع شاطئ فويرط مطلع أكتوبر

The Peninsula

Doha: Fuwairit Kite Beach Resort, a kitesurfing resort on Qatar’s northern coast, will be opening its doors to the public next month.

This is another addition to the growing number of new resorts set to receive guests as Qatar hosts the FIFA World Cup later this year.

The beach resort will have a special place for kitesurfers with ideal winds and water for the sport. More than kitesuring, it also offers a range of adventuresome activities like paddle-boarding, parasailing, wakeboarding, kayaking, snorkeling, scuba-diving and more. It is located approximately one and a half hours drive from Doha.

Fuwairit Beach Resort boasts 50 rooms, with eight connecting rooms which are perfect for a family of four or five. Forty of these rooms are facing the beach. Thirty two have king-size beds while eight are twin rooms.

It has been described as “one of the world’s best kitesurfing secrets” and “the best of both worlds”. The place is suitable for the sport due to the nine-month perfect wind and flat lagoon.

Entering the resort, you will be greeted by a huge statue of a shaka sign (the pinky and thumb salute) considered the ultimate symbol of Aloha. Staff will greet you with the phrase “Aloha Marhaba” once you come inside the reception area of the resort. (Aloha is a Hawaiian greeting and Marhaba in Arabic means hello) Notably, the design of the main hall is a mixture of contemporary and modern with different displays of groovy cars, flamingos, scooter, and bicycles — the latter two hang over the receiving area.

There is also a playing table space composed of board games such as Connect Four and Jenga. The pantry area is likewise located at the main hall, which is then connected to the “Hang Loose” area where guests can relax and unwind.

All around the resort, graffiti art is everywhere showcasing the beach community, Qatar’s culture, and ocean-inspired murals. Next to the reception area is the swimming pool overlooking the sea.

The rooms are also exceptional, featuring murals — one has the same theme as the artwork displayed outside the Msheireb station which highlights the people in Qatar. It is also equipped with television, cabinets, and a washroom.

The rooms facing the beach have sliding doors that lead to a patio, considered a relaxation area with a hammock, bean bag, table and chairs and a shower area placed.

Other facilities at the resort include a guest house, fitness centre, beach volleyball, beach football, yoga pavilion convertible to a function hall, and a soon-to-open outdoor cinema.

During nighttime the resort’s outdoor lighting will only come from the rooms as there is a sea turtle habitat nearby. The same intuitive impulse that propels hatchlings toward the sea on beaches with natural lighting also causes them to crawl toward artificial light sources.

For people wanting to try the growing kitesurfing sport in the country, Fuwairit Beach Resort is offering lessons in the sport, for which they also provide the necessary equipment including the board, kite and gears. The ideal time to learn is between this September and until April-May as the wind in the area is perfect during this period.


الدوحة: نظمت قطر للسياحة جولة تعريفية لمنتجع شاطئ فويرط الذي يعد أحد أحدث الوجهات السياحية المحلية التي من المتوقع ان تستحوذ على حصة كبيرة من السياح والزوار خلال كأس العالم، ومن المقرر أن يتم افتتاح المنتجع في مطلع أكتوبر المقبل وتبلغ الطاقة الاستيعابية للمنتجع 100 شخص ويمتد على مساحة 76.271 مترا مربعا ويضم المنتجع 50 غرفة توفر إقامة ذات معايير تتسم بالفخامة والاسترخاء منها 40 غرفة مطلة على الشاطئ مباشرة كما يحتوي المنتجع على مطعمين يوفران تشكيلات متنوعة من الأطعمة وصالة ألعاب رياضية مجهزة بأحدث المعدات والأجهزة مع وجود مدرب.

وتستقبل الصالة زوارها طوال الـ 24 ساعة وتستوعب ما بين 15 إلى 20 ويحتوي المنتجع على سلسلة من الملاعب الرياضية التي توفر أجواء تلبي رغبات متطلبات الزوار.. ويتمتع منتجع فويرط بموقع جغرافي لا مثيل له، حيث يمتاز بتقديم كل ما يبحث عنه المتزلج الشراعي من رياح مستقرة لمدة 9 أشهر من العام، ومياه ضحلة وهادئة ودافئة، ومناخ ملائم، ومن السهل الوصول إليه من جميع أنحاء العالم. وتم تصميم المنتجع بطريقة تناسب أسلوب حياة المتزلج الشراعي؛ حيث يحتوي على صالة لممارسة اليوجا، تتسع لـ 8 أشخاص ومسابح، والكثير غير ذلك وتم تجهيز غرف الإقامة بكل المستلزمات التي يحتاجها الزائر من تلفزيون ودش خارجي وإطلاله رائعة على الشاطئ.

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