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First fully self-service store without a cashier to open in Qatar

افتتاح أول متجر في قطر ذاتي الخدمة بالكامل ودون صندوق دفع

The peninsula

Doha: Al Meera Consumer Goods Company has announced a partnership with Zippin, a leading provider of checkout-free technology, to advance its expansion strategy to meet customers’ demands and provide unique services to all members of the community through innovative technology.

Al Meera will soon open fully autonomous stores in strategic locations to provide visitors with snacks, beverages, grab-and-go meals, and other essential items in a seamless and cashier-less process.

The frictionless smart stores operate through a collection of cameras and sensors that track the customers from point of entry until they leave, making ease and speeding up the purchasing process to make shopping transactions faster, simpler, less stressful and more enjoyable to customers.

The first outlet of the unmanned stores is planned to open its doors to customers during the much-awaited upcoming FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 as part of Al Meera’s various initiatives to ensure that residents and visitors to Qatar during the mega event have a memorable experience and contribute to the resounding success of the tournament.

The checkout-free stores’ software automatically identifies the items picked or put back, using overhead cameras and sensors, and creates a virtual shopping cart for each shopper. The shopper can put the items in their pocket, bag, purse or simply carry them and the software will directly charge the cost of the purchased items from the customers’ credit card as soon as they leave the shop. The stores will significantly reduce the time customers spend to buy a drink or snack from minutes to seconds.


الدوحة: أعلنت شركة الميرة للمواد الاستهلاكية عن اتفاقية شراكة مع Zippin لافتتاح أول فروعها الذكية بالكامل بإستعمال التكنولوجيا الخالية من عمليات الدفع.

وقالت الميرة – على حسابها الرسمي بموقع تويتر – يهدف هذا التوسع إلى جعل التسوق أكثر راحة ومتعة و في الوقت نفسه، وأن تكون الخدمات دائمًا في متناول جميع العملاء.

ويعد متجر الميرة أول متجر في قطر ذاتي الخدمة المؤتمتة بالكامل، وخال من احتكاكات عمليات الدفع.

ويتم التسوق عبر 3 خطوات :

1- الضغط والدخول

2- اختيار المنتجات

3- المغادرة

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