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Qatar welcomed 146,000 visitors in June

قطر استقبلت 146 ألف زائر في يونيو

The Peninsula

Doha: The visitors arrival in Qatar witnessed a significant increase in June this year as 145,641 people visited Qatar compared to just 24,293 visitors in June last year.

The visitors arrival saw an over 499% increase on year-on-year basis. The most of the visitors, 59,620, came from the GCC countries in June 2022 constituting 41% of all visitors.

According to data released by the Planning and Statistics Authority yesterday, 88,054 visitors out of the total number came to Qatar by air followed by 48,021 visitors by land and 9,566 by sea.

According to PSA, 10,134 visitors came from other Arab countries; 2399 from African countries; 33,790 from Asia and Oceania; 24,502 from Europe; and 15,196 from Americas.

The Planning and Statistics Authority released the 102nd issue of the ‘Qatar: Monthly Statistics’ bulletin. It also shows rise in the issuing of new driving licences in June 2022, at a monthly rate of 44.9% (compared to May 2022), and at an annual increase of 136.8% (compared to June 2021).

The issuing of new licences for non-Qatari males recorded the highest percentage increase by 82%, with a monthly change of 39.8% (compared to May 2022), and an annual change of 155.4% (compared to June 2021).

The total number of registered new vehicles during June 2022 reached 8,011 new vehicles. This figure reflected a monthly increase of 22.6% when compared with May 2022 and an annual increase of 53.1% as 5232 vehicles were registered in June 2021.

It also shows a decrease of over 18% in traffic violations in June 2022 when compared with May 2022. Traffic accident cases totalled 746 traffic cases during June 2022, showing a monthly decrease of 9.2% and an annual increase of 36.1%. Light injuries accounted for 92% of traffic accidents during the same month, followed by severe injuries, which accounted for 6% of accidents.

During June 2022, the total value of sold properties increased by 109.6% compared to May 2022, with an average annual increase of 39.6% (compared to June 2021).

Furthermore, among the most notable changes is the increase in total deposits and other credit facilities of commercial banks at a monthly rate of 1.7% and 0.7%, respectively (compared to May 2022), and an annual increase of 2.4% and 1.4%, respectively (compared to June 2021).

Additionally, demographic statistics revealed that the total population of Qatar has increased from 2.50 million during June 2021 to 2.66 million by the end of June 2022.

Moreover, there has been a monthly increase by 8.4% and 21.9% in marriage contracts and divorce certificates, respectively, during June 2022. Whereas, the total number of marriage contracts was 373 contracts, the total number of divorces reached 267 divorce cases.

Social security within Qatar was valued at QR79m during June 2022, with 14,436 beneficiaries, recording a monthly decrease of 0.2% in the value of social security and a monthly decrease of 0.1% in the number of beneficiaries.

Total electricity consumption during June 2022 was 5164.3GWh, recording a monthly increase of 14.1% and an annual decrease of 4.5%. Meanwhile, total water consumption reached 56,628.5 thousand m3 during the same month, attaining a monthly decrease of 1.1% and an annual decrease of 1.9%.

Regarding the data of buildings permits issued, the total number of permits has reached 755 permits during June 2022, recording a monthly increase of 17.1% and an annual increase of 2.9%.


الدوحة: ارتفع عدد الزوار والوافدين القادمين إلى دولة قطر خلال شهر يونيو 2022 بنسبة 499.5% على أساس سنوي، بحسب التقرير الشهري الصادر عن جهاز التخطيط والإحصاء امس، بلغ عدد الزوار والوافدين إلى قطر في يونيو السابق نحو 145.64 ألف زائر، مقابل 24.29 ألف زائر في الشهر المماثل من العام الماضي، وشهريا، انخفض عدد الزوار والوافدين إلى قطري بنسبة 12.3% عن مستواهم في مايو 2022 البالغ 166.09 ألف زائر.

وتشمل البيانات الزوار المسافرين القادمين وغير المقيمين في قطر لفترة قصيرة الأجل، ولأي غرض، كما تشمل الوافدين على الحدود تحت 15 نوعاً مختلفاً من أنواع تأشيرات الزيارة، وجميع أنواع تأشيرات الأعمال، والترفيه باستثناء تأشيرة العمل.

ووزع عدد زوار قطر بين 88.05 ألف زائر من خلال الجو، و9.57 ألف زائر من البحر، إضافة إلى 48.02 ألف زائر من البر.

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