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Flying camera instead of the “selfie” stick from Snapchat… Coming soon

قريباً .. كاميرا صغيرة طائرة عوضاً عن عصا السيلفي من «سناب شات»


The social networking application company, Snapchat, seeks to provide a completely new feature to restore users’ interest in the application in the face of fierce competition from other video and photo platforms such as Tik Tok and Instagram.

And the company is testing the application, which can automatically delete and destroy photos exchanged between users, a very small camera that flies to facilitate the capture and exchange of photos between users.

In an effort to make the selfie stick a thing of the past in the age of drone technology, Snapchat co-founder Evan Spiegel said the company is developing Snapchat’s built-in Pixie micro-camera that is able to work with many predefined flight programs.

The flying camera rotates around the user and takes photos and videos and then puts them in the palm of their hand.

Snap says that the price of this flying camera will reach 229 and will be available in the United States and France only for the time being.

Snapchat first gained popularity by having the ability to automatically destroy photos shared between users after viewing them. But this distinctive feature is no longer similar to the emergence of similar features on other social media platforms such as Instagram and WhatsApp. Since that time, Snap’s management has been trying to develop the application based on Augmented Reality (AR) technologies.

Using augmented reality technology, Snapchat allows users to see digital photos and other items above what they can see using their smartphone camera.

Spiegel tells dpa that he is convinced that the use of augmented reality technology will continue to grow, and many companies are investing in this feature.

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لوس أنجليس: تسعَى شركةُ تطبيق التواصل الاجتماعي «سناب شات» إلى تقديم خاصية جديدة تمامًا لاستعادة اهتمام المُستخدمين بالتطبيق في مواجهة المنافسة الشرسة من منصات الفيديو والصور الأخرى مثل تيك توك وإنستجرام. وتختبر الشركة، التطبيق- الذي يستطيع حذف وتدمير الصور المتبادلة بين المستخدمين تلقائيًا- كاميرا صغيرة للغاية طائرة لتسهيل التقاط وتبادل الصور بين المُستخدمين.

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