Dh4.5m for a mobile number

Man who paid Dh33m for a number plate pays Dh4.5m for a mobile number

26 Feb 2017

Beware of mobile radars

Beware of mobile radars on these Qatar roads today (Friday, February 24)

24 Feb 2017

Beware of these mobile radars

Beware of these mobile radars on Qatar Roads today (Monday February 20)

20 Feb 2017

Go down by up to 30%

House rents may go down by up to 30%

17 Feb 2017

mobile radars today's locations

Qatar MOI warns drivers of mobile radars today

15 Feb 2017

lunar eclipse in Qatar on Saturday

First lunar eclipse of 2017 in Qatar on Saturday

08 Feb 2017

taxi driver loses job

Cruising down the wrong path; taxi driver loses job

08 Feb 2017



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