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Petrol, diesel to cost more in February

DOHA: Petrol prices will go up from tomorrow, February 1, according to the new price list issued by Qatar Petroleum.

Premium grade petrol price will go up by 5 dirhams and will cost QR1.85 per litre in February compared to QR1.80 in January.

Super grade will be costlier by 5 dirhams and will cost QR1.90 per litre. It was QR1.85 in January.

Price of diesel will increase by 10 dirhams in February. It will be QR1.85 a litre as against QR1.75 in January.

Prices had risen in January also. This is the highest ever price for petrol after the Ministry started pegging the fuel prices to the international market.

Yesterday there were many fake pictures circulating in social media giving a steep increase in fuel prices. We would remind our users to trust only reputed news outlets and official social media handles for such information and before forwarding be sure to see if it correct or not.

When the first list was announced in June 2016 the premium petrol was QR1.20 per litre, super QR1.30 per litre and diesel QR1.40 per litre.

From April 2016, the Ministry of Energy and Industry had started pegging the fuel prices to the international market.

From September, it is Qatar Petroleum who is announcing the monthly price list.

تعرّف على أسعار الوقود لشهر فبراير 2018

أعلنت “قطر للبترول” اليوم الأربعاء، عن أسعار الوقود في قطر لشهر فبراير 2018.

وجاء سعر لتر ديزل (1.85 ر.ق)، وسعر جازولين 95 سوبر (1.90 ر.ق)، وجازولين 91 ممتاز (1.85 ر.ق)

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