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How 'It' Began...
We began our journey towards building “What's Goin On” in February of 2011, where inspiration took over like a frenzy and we could not wait to pass it on to inspire others in our community!

For as long as the WGO team has lived in Doha, we have loved every second of every day of this place – to us, it's like a land made of dreams which just needs bringing to life with a pinch of passion.

Our Rise and Rise, Despite the Tough Times and the Critics!

“What's Goin On” or “What's Goin On Qatar” as we also refer to ourselves as, has been through quite a steep climb. Starting from the times when critics said that there is nothing to do in Qatar and complaints about the fact that people didn't inform anyone of what's on – well – to that we say....'Look at us now!' WGO has successfully been following and covering all the latest demands in technology, the latest fashion/music and icon trends; helping everyone stay connected just like the family that we call “What's Goin On”. From someone's lost pet, to the biggest news that hits the nation, WGO believes it has got it all with the life motto of:

“The more you connect, the more you reach”.

“What's Goin On” started its empire mainly on social media (predominantly Facebook at first), this being the Mother of our success we used it to our great advantage as the fans grew and grew overnight.
Next, WGO went on an event feast where we began our rule in providing “What's Going On” entertainment packages. Before you jump to a conclusion, this wasn't just a spot light here and there!

“What's Goin On's” packages include delivering local news to the people that need it everyday when they open their Facebook, Twitter or Instagram page. It's about giving people choices from where to eat, to places to relax, the best parties, coffee shops and every other forte that you can imagine. Not to take the lime light away from Exclusive News only for “What's Going On” and Specialist information and events that you will not find anywhere else....we have it all covered in the types of media that suit the demands of our public.

Our Gratitude, & Our Journey Ahead!

Without you, who is reading this page this very second and the thousands of others that have connected with us, we would still be climbing that mountain! The lifetime aim for “What's Goin On” is to grow the empire more and more yet still help you, the people that need us in the local community. We are thankful for the chance to continue building our website to achieve long term goals for Doha's public. With a strong belief in social media and the followers of our pages we can strive to become a bigger, better service to everyone that supports us for a lifetime – and that is the dream of “What's Goin On”! 
Thank You #WGOteam :)

What we do?

* Advertising services 
* Event planning 
* Entertainment services 
* Bands & Musicians 
* Social Media 
* Productions 
* Business Solutions & More

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- Marketing & Media plans 
- Social Media Promotions
- PR Network
- Printing Productions 
- Graphic Design
- Web Design 

EVENT PLANNING (Concerts –weddings – ceremony)
- Artist Booking
- Stage set up
- Lightings
- Sound system 
- Decorations 
- MC Presenter
- Musicians
- Music Bands 
- Music brands
- Singers
- DJs 
- Security 

- Photographers
- Models
- Promoters
- Hostess Crew 

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"The more you contact, The more you reach!"

ABOOD RADWAN , CEO and founder

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Social Media mgmt.


Social Media

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